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Conda installers available!

4 years 6 days ago #2169 by matthiash
Experimental conda installers are now available. For instructions refer to the downloads page .

Currently not supported is :
  • Code generation at run-time

In case you experience any issues, please post them here.

The following user(s) said Thank You: creativeworker
4 years 5 days ago #2170 by creativeworker
I tried today on macOS 10.15 in combination with Anaconda 2019.10
It works perfectly! I works with Spyder and PyCharm.

Just a small note, I used the following commands to add channels
conda config --add channels conda-forge conda config --add channels ngsolve conda install ngsolve
4 years 4 days ago #2171 by matthiash
Thanks for the feedback, I fixed the commands on the download page :)
4 years 4 days ago #2172 by creativeworker
A second thing that I just noticed:

When I want to compile my C++ Extensions, CMake can't find the cmake files:
NetgenConfig.cmake netgen-config.cmake

I think the find_package command in the NGSolveConfig.cmake has to be updated.
4 years 4 days ago #2173 by matthiash
mylittlengsolve builds fine on my Mac (also 10.15). Make sure you have no other NGSolve installation available. Maybe cmake is finding the wrong Netgen or NGSolve in /Applications/

In case you cannot fix the issue, post/send the CMakeCache.txt file in you build directory.

Anyway, there is still another bug: compiled python modules shall not link to libpython, as it is statically linked to the python executable in conda. This results in a segfault when loading the module. A fix in the cmake function add_ngsolve_python_module() will be released later today.

4 years 4 days ago #2174 by creativeworker
Thanks for your fast reply. The installation is complete clean, so I'm sure there is nowhere else the NGSolve and I double checked that there are not any false environment variables.

Find attached the CMakeCache.txt. To produce this I only changed the CMakeLists.txt to give the find_package function a hint to the ngsolve CMake file:
HINTS /Users/username/opt/anaconda3/pkgs/ngsolve-6.2.1909-py37_91/lib/cmake/ngsolve

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File Name: CMakeCache.txt
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So, perhaps you have set up environment variables that I don't have?
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