Fluid-structure interaction

In this example we will have a look on how we can solve a multiphysics problem in NGSolve and the NGSPy interface. Therefore, we will consider a fluid-structure interaction problem, where the Navier-Stokes equations for the fluid part

$$\rho\frac{\partial u}{\partial t}+\rho(u\cdot\nabla)u-\rho\nu\Delta u+\nabla p = f$$ $$\text{div}(u) = 0$$

and the elastic wave equation for the elastic part


Distributed Parameter Tests with NGSolve and dispy

As this may be useful for some people I decided to write a short article about how one can do distributed parameter tests either on a cloud or on a cluster. As a test case, we will solve the poisson equation for some 1000 different conductivities - automatically distributed onto all available computing nodes. Apart from NGSolve we will use dispy to manage the network communication.


Using BBND to compute the magnetic field of a thin wire

The newly introduced BBND feature of Netgen/NGSolve allows us to compute the magnetic field of a thin wire by approximating it with operators on the 1D line segment. In this example we want to compute the field of the following coil geometry:


Implementation of a residual error estimator for the Poisson problem - a lifting technique

In this example we want to show how one can easily implement an error estimator for the Poisson problem \( - \Delta u = f \) given by $$ \eta(u_h)^2 := \sum\limits_{T \in \mathcal{T}} h_T^2 \| f + \Delta u_h\|_{L^2(T)}^2 + \sum\limits_{E \in \mathcal{F}} h_E \| [ \! [ \nabla u_h \cdot n ] \! ] \|_{L^2(E)}^2. $$

VTK Output

Sometimes it is convenient to export results that were obtained with NGSolve to third party visualization tools (for rendering/videos etc.). A simple way to do this is the export to the VTK format (ascii) that is provided from NGS-py.