NGSolve User Meeting: June 14-16, 2017

In this meeting we bring together advanced NGSolve users with different background, as well as newcomers who want to get a quickstart into NGS-Py. We start with a basic tutorial on the first day, present the implementation and use of new and advanced methods, and discuss topics for the near future.

Venue: Technical University Vienna, Karlsplatz 

There are no fees. Please book a hotel by your choice. The list of participants is here. To register, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wednesday, June 14: Netgen/NGSolve Tutorial

Jay Gopalakrishnan, Christoph Lehrenfeld, Joachim Schöberl, Christoph Wintersteiger

  • Solving PDEs with NGS-Py
  • Numerical methods in NGSolve: finite element spaces, preconditioning ...
  • Solving non-linear and time-dependent problems
  • Geometric modeling and mesh-generation in 2D and 3D

Thursday, June 15:

NGSolve interna

  • Getting into C++ (My-Little-NGSolve)
  • C++ - Python interface
  • Evaluation of symbolic forms: run-time vs code-generation (Matthias Hochsteger)
  • Parallelization (distributed via MPI, shared memory via TaskManager) (Lukas Kogler)

Add on packages and application classes

  • X-FEM  (Christoph Lehrenfeld)
  • Model order reduction with pyMOR and NGSolve (Stephan Rave)
  • Solving PDEs in higher dimensions (Gerhard Kitzler)
  • Advanced methods in elasticity (Astrid Pechstein)
  • HDG for Navier-Stokes and fluid-structure-interaction (Philip Lederer, Michael Neunteufel)
  • SolveLLG - A simulation tool for micromagnetics (Bernhard Stiftner)
  • ...

Friday, June 16:

Discussion of infrastructure (Matthias Hochsteger, Christopher Lackner)

  • build system
  • documentation
  • automatic testing

New features

  • pml (Markus Wess)
  • periodic spaces (Christopher Lackner)
  • algebraic multigrid (Bernd Schwarzenbacher)

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