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xfem in windows

4 years 11 months ago #1227 by Kathy
xfem in windows was created by Kathy

I would like to ask you if I can run xfem module in netgen/ngsolve platform under windows operating system. I tried to do so and I received the message

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'xfem'

How can I resolve it?
Many thanks in advance!
4 years 11 months ago #1228 by schruste
Replied by schruste on topic xfem in windows
Dear Kathy,

Thank you for your interest in (ngs)xfem. ngsxfem is an add-on package on top of NGSolve that needs to be installed additionally. Sadly, we don't have a Windows user in the development team so that we don't have a Windows release at the moment. You would need to configure and compile ngsxfem on your own on windows or use a Linux subsystem to run ngsxfem (on the subsystem installation should be straight forward). Last time it has been compiled on Windows was in Vienna :), but that is some time ago.

4 years 11 months ago #1236 by Kathy
Replied by Kathy on topic xfem in windows
Dear Christoph thank you for your immediate reply!!! I will do as suggested and compile ngsxfem under Linux operating system!

Kind regards,
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