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Netgen Draw in Loops

10 months 2 weeks ago #4635 by NGUnsolved

i am working on an iterative algorithm that solves a PDE in every step and I am trying to save a snapshot in every step. This looks conceptually similar to

import netgen.gui
for i in range(N):
      solution = SolvePDE()

The problem is, that the "Draw"-function does not change the GUI until the loop is over and therefore will only produce one image.
I tried this in and without Jupyter Notebooks but I can't find a workarount.
Can someone help me?
10 months 2 weeks ago #4637 by matthiash
Replied by matthiash on topic Netgen Draw in Loops

The Draw command is handled by a parallel thread, that's why time.sleep(1) doesn't make any difference.
Put "ngsolve.Redraw(blocking=True)" between Draw() and SnapShot() to force a synchronization.
netgen.gui.SnapShot does this already, unfortunately this function is not working in the latest release. A fix is already on master:

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10 months 3 days ago #4646 by NGUnsolved
Replied by NGUnsolved on topic Netgen Draw in Loops
For some reason it works now (with the altered SnapShot function) if I put the Redraw(blocking=True) after the SnapShot function.
Thank you for your help,

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