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Pausing netgen

1 year 6 months ago #4479 by pbmonk
Pausing netgen was created by pbmonk
This is on a Mac with OSX 12.4 and I run Netgen from the command line usually.

In the past (up to v2203 of Netgen I think) I have pause a sequence of Draw commands using simple input() eg

   Draw (uplot.components[2].Norm(), mesh,'v')

 but after installing 2204 I get the message

Tcl_WaitForEvent: Notifier not initialized
zsh: abort      netgen

and Netgen crashes. Is there a good way to pause a sequence of graphical results?

Thanks for the help!
1 year 6 months ago #4480 by joachim
Replied by joachim on topic Pausing netgen
Hi Peter,

this problem is certainly caused by the recent decoupling of the core code and the gui.

I can confirm the problem on MacOS, a fix is the following:

add  "import netgen.gui" into the py-script, and run the file using "python3"


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