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Hexahedral mesh

1 year 3 months ago #4410 by andressa
Hexahedral mesh was created by andressa
Can I work with hexahedral meshes in ngsolve?
1 year 3 months ago #4413 by mneunteufel
Replied by mneunteufel on topic Hexahedral mesh
Hi andressa,

yes, NGSolve supports hexahedral meshes and the corresponding finite elements are also available.

E.g., with

from ngsolve import *
from ngsolve.meshes import MakeStructured3DMesh
mesh = MakeStructured3DMesh(hexes=True, nx=10,ny=10,nz=10, mapping=lambda x,y,z : (2*x,y,z))

you can generate a box with x-length 2 and y,z-length 1.

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