AssembleLinearization failed for skeleton formulation

8 months 1 week ago #4166 by Guosheng Fu
I was having trouble linearizing a DG skeleton term in AssembleLinearization.
Here is a mimimal code that produce a bug: The output result is expected to be 2 on the 0-0 entry, but it is 1 instead.
I haven't look into details how AssembleLinearization works for skeleton terms, but this seems to be a bug.
from ngsolve import * from ngsolve.meshes import Make1DMesh mesh = Make1DMesh(n=2) V = L2(mesh, dgjumps=True) u,v = V.TnT() a = BilinearForm(V) a += u**2*v*dx(skeleton=True) gfu = GridFunction(V) gfu.Set(1) a.AssembleLinearization(gfu.vec) print(a.mat)


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