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3 months 7 hours ago #3023 by lkogler
Ah, I see. The problem here is that harmonic_extension and harmonix_extension_trans are local operators. They directly access the locally stored vector values. You can wrap a ParallelMatrix around them to make the code a little more elegant
hex  = ParallelMatrix(harmonic_extension, row_pardods=..., col_pardofs=..., op_type=C2C)
hext = ParallelMatrix(harmonic_extension_trans, row_pardods=..., col_pardofs=..., op_type=D2D)
Now "hex" is an operator that takes a cumulated vector as input and has a cumulated vector as an output. So, when you give it the distributed solution vector from ksp, it automatically cumulates it. You can also write down the entire operation as a single operator:
hex, hext, aiii  = a.harmonic_extension, a.harmonic_extension_trans, a.inner_solve
Id = IdentityMatrix(a.mat.height)
if == 1:
  full_precond = ((Id + hex) @ precond @ (Id + hext)) + aiii
  Ihex = ParallelMatrix(Id + hex, row_pardofs = a.mat.row_pardofs, col_pardofs = a.mat.row_pardofs, op = ngs.ParallelMatrix.C2C)
  Ihext = ParallelMatrix(Id + hext, row_pardofs = self.a.mat.row_pardofs, col_pardofs = self.a.mat.row_pardofs, op = ngs.ParallelMatrix.D2D)
  Isolve = ParallelMatrix(aiii, row_pardofs = self.a.mat.row_pardofs, col_pardofs = self.a.mat.row_pardofs, op = ngs.ParallelMatrix.D2C)
  full_precond = ( Ihex @ precond @ Ihext ) + aiii
Then you can just write = full_precond * f.vec

(Nothing wrong with your code, I just find this a little more neat)

I will have a look at the timings.


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