From March 2017 we started releasing monthly versions of Netgen and NGSolve for stability purposes. We will provide installers for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu for these versions at our download page. Additionally you can check out the monthly versions on git by checking out the tag of the version (e.g v6.2.1704). The documentation will be provided for each version seperately. The latest one can be reached by the documentation link on the homepage, older versions can be selected by the version selector in the left bottom of the documentation page. Note that the documenation for old features is still growing and things added to the documenation may work in previous releases as well.


Notable merges

  • 31701a65 Merge branch 'periodic_docu_caution' into 'master'
  • 072f53a8 Merge branch 'fix_setvalues' into 'master'
  • 30dea783 Merge branch '45-umfpack-not-building-anymore' into 'master'
  • cb486f49 Merge branch 'export_sparsematrix' into 'master'
  • 897a89bb Merge branch 'hdivdiv_fix' into 'master'
  • e6630212 Merge branch 'fix_makecoefficients' into 'master'
  • 5afcc548 Merge branch 'skip_empty_elmats' into 'master'
  • beac4770 Merge branch 'tp_fixes' into 'master'
  • f407e1d8 Merge branch 'fixlinearformcomponents' into 'master'
  • 7dabbb8f Merge branch 'fix_multidim_componentgf' into 'master'
  • 4aff54bd Merge branch 'parallelDG' into 'master'
  • 90557d73 Merge branch 'pml_fix' into 'master'
  • 2b460bcf Merge branch 'cmake_config' into 'master'
  • 3b050224 Merge branch 'h1vec-2dimmerge' into 'master'
  • ad628c9e Merge branch '40-compiler-wrapper-might-not-work-for-installers' into 'master'
  • 6dc3cd02 Merge branch 'bfi_monkeypatch' into 'master'
  • dc64c31e Merge branch 'tp_fix' into 'master'
  • eee9d5a7 Merge branch 'fix_pickling_spaces_with_no_init' into 'master'
  • 87b96953 Merge branch 'fix_monkeypatch_new' into 'master'
  • d09705d3 Merge branch 'TP_fix' into 'master'
  • 9bdf17fc Merge branch 'TP_fix' into 'master


PyWrapper removed (C++ interface)

The interface for exposing classes and functions to python has changed. To update your code to the latest version, you have to change two things:

  • Replace PyWrapper<foobar> with shared_ptr<foobar>
  • Remove calls to foo.Get() on former PyWrapper objects.
  • Remove FunctionPointer, i.e. replace FunctionPointer( []() {...} ), with [](){...}
  • For a complete code example, see below.

Ubuntu packages directory structure

The ubuntu packages install now directly to /usr. Therefore PYTHONPATH is not needed anymore on this platform. This does not affect self-compiled versions of NGSolve.

Internaltcl on by default

Compile .tcl files into the code in Netgen and don't install them anymore. As a side effect the environment variable NETGENDIR is not needed anymore.

Notable merges

  • a78f3003 Merge branch 'ubuntu_packages_in_system_dir' into 'master'
  • eddefaa0 Merge branch '38-shapetester-not-working-tix-dependency' into 'master'
  • 6e881783 Merge branch 'propose_better_monkeypatch_new' into 'master'
  • 2fddd482 Merge branch 'workingwithmeshesdocu' into 'master'
  • 7d529477 Merge branch 'remove_pywrapper' into 'master'
  • 2875ba5b Merge branch 'call_tcl_dooneevent_on_redraw' into 'master'
  • adf0d359 Merge branch 'vectorfacet_fix_on_refined_meshes' into 'master'
  • 178482f9 Merge branch 'remove_pywrapper' into 'master'
  • c71b14fa Merge branch 'hdivdiv_prism' into 'master'
  • cc189418 Merge branch 'reuse_localheap_in_generated_code' into 'master'
  • 785bb377 Merge branch '34-memory-leak-in-mkl-pardiso' into 'master'
  • 9b5fa466 Merge branch 'merge_request_gui_from_python' into 'master'
  • 9633feb1 Merge branch 'move_in_delete_element_array' into 'master'
  • 779b5432 Merge branch 'fixuseddofinconsistency' into 'master'

Remove PyWrapper complete example:

// Before
m.def("AddTwoCoefficientFunctions", FunctionPointer(
    [](PyWrapper<CoefficientFunction> cf1, PyWrapper<CoefficientFunction> cf2) 
          return cf1.Get() + cf2.Get();

// After
    [](shared_ptr<CoefficientFunction> cf1, shared_ptr<CoefficientFunction> cf2) 
         return cf1 + cf2;


Features added in v6.2.1705

  • NGS_NUM_THREADS environment varible for controlling parallelism
  • more PML options
  • more tensor product options

Fixes and improvements in v6.2.1705

  • more TaskManager parallelism (transpose matrix)
  • fixes for complex-valued coefficient funcitons


Features added in v6.2.1704

  • HYPRE and Mumps solvers automatic build
  • PML implementation (partly in v6.2.1703) and documentation
  • Create a block jacobi Preconditioner from Python: 54de7d8
  • More simd-vectorization for AssembleLinearization

Important bug fixes in v6.2.1704

  • Eliminate Internal was crashing in AssembleLinearization fixed in commit ca4a9adf
  • Correct dimension for matrix-valued PoxyFunctions and GridFunctions  
  • Fix matrix dimension of additional operator gradient in HDiv space 74c86d65
  • Fix for Brickradial PML bf7e0a1
  • Fix code generation for matrix-valued GridFunctions 740314d


Features added in v6.2.1704

  • Install Metis if built with MPI-parallel option

Important bug fixes in v6.2.1704

  • Fixes for csg.SplineSurface lifetime



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