CMake options for building Netgen/NGSolveΒΆ

CMake flag Default Description
CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX   Directs the installation to this folder. The default values are
Linux /opt/netgen
Windows C:\netgen
MacOS /Applications/
USE_MKL OFF Some Intel MKL function are used (e.g. Lapack, Pardiso,...)
MKL_ROOT Path to MKL installation (e.g. /opt/intel/mkl)
MKL_STATIC Link statically if set to ON (OFF by default)
MKL_SDL Link with single dynamic library (only if MKL_STATIC is OFF)
MKL_INTERFACE_LAYER Link with single dynamic library (only if MKL_STATIC is OFF)
USE_OCC OFF Compiles with OpenCascade support to enable various geometry types (e.g. *.iges, *.step). Currently not tested on MacOS.

The required library can be installed with

sudo apt-add-repository universe
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install liboce-ocaf-dev
Windows A precompiled version is downloaded and used.
USE_GUI ON Build Netgen with GUI
USE_PYTHON ON Enable Python bindings
USE_MPI OFF Enable MPI parallelization support
USE_JPEG OFF Build with JPEG support to make screenshots from the GUI
USE_MPEG OFF Enable video recording using libavcodec
USE_LAPACK ON Link with LAPACK/BLAS libraries
USE_VT OFF Enable VampirTrace support
USE_MUMPS OFF Enable sparse direct solver MUMPS
USE_PARDISO OFF Enable sparse direct solver PARDISO
USE_UMFPACK OFF Enable sparse direct solver SuiteSparse/UMFPACK
USE_VTUNE OFF Enable Intel VTune pause/resume numproc
USE_NUMA OFF Compile with NUMA-aware code on multisocket machines (requires libnuma)